His mother finally stopped with the small talk, asking him directly what was wrong. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There have been many first hand accounts of a half-kakuja hunting renegade ghouls in various places. He was OWL #15 during the ghoulification experiments that transformed him. Of the sixty-three investigators subjected to the ghoulification process, he was the only one considered a successful product. 'This above all else.' Though a great admirer of outstanding investigators such as Koutarou Amon and Kishou Arima, he also suffers from a major inferiority complex that brought him into conflict with his peers. He eventually found Amon, wounded and barely conscious. He appears more tired due to the dark circles underneath his eyebrow-less eyes, one of which is where his left kakugan manifests. What are we gonna do if the boss of the organization dies too early on? Back in his room, he again agonized over writing his testament and the details of the upcoming operation. After jumping off, he shot Amon with a few projectiles of his own and watched as Kurona briefly took him down. They began to argue back and forth, accusing each other of pulling down their respective partners. He started by apologizing to his parents for moving on, but was not satisfied by this since it sounded like he was going to commit suicide. Though he talks himself up, in reality he holds considerable doubts about his abilities when it comes to actual combat. He deeply admired Amon and had been quite the fan of him prior to being assigned to the 20th ward. To make Ghouls the top dominate species and overthrow humanity (formerly). You're scared. After easily knocking her out, he took her quinque and proceeded to stab through Tatara's head with it. Captured by Aogiri, Takizawa was given to Dr. Kanou and given the designation "OWL 15." In combat he had standard issue CCG Soldier and Military gear and armor with him. The others were impressed with her intuition and strong instincts, leaving Takizawa further annoyed with her presence. He snatched away Juuzou's snack and began to berate him, but was silenced by a punch to the nose and spent the rest of the meeting sulking in his seat. He refused to do the same for Juuzou, bitterly noting they were now the same rank. Though smiling, she began to weep as the other woman looked on in shock. Takizawa mockingly called this harsh, pointing out that Houji was already dead and Amon only came in time to save Akira. This time, I was included as a member of a large suppression operation. In response, the ghoul agreed to do so and tossed him into the air while calling for Noro. Once again, he threw Sasaki into the air and impaled him with his kagune. This leads to conflicts among his coworkers when he does not earn the respect he feels is owed to him, and he is easily upset when out-shined by those he considers his peers or younger associates. However, he also has a deeply harbored desire to be respected and places considerable importance on seniority both in terms of rank and age. He then noticed Akira not paying attention, yelling at her to wake up because the operation was not over yet. He praises Sasaki as an excellent leader for thinking about the safety of his subordinates, and expresses the desire to speak to him privately. The one thing that holds everything else in place. Later on, unknown to him, his parents were killed. Powers/Skills Takizawa's whereabouts after the dragon battle are unknown. His mood immediately plummeted, and others clarified they graduated in the same class. [11], He was later frustrated when he learned that Juuzou, lower ranked than him, has been assigned to the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit. Got that? - stream 24 seidou takizawa playlists including tokyo ghoul, tokyo ghoul:re, and takizawa seidou music from your desktop or mobile device. Killers, monsters,... ghouls. During the confrontation, Takizawa again pondered about how he still looks up to the former investigator and that he himself wishes to be noble as Amon. Crimes Even though he was not initially included, Takizawa volunteered to go with the lab team, elaborating that he knew how the drug worked as well and was one of the best fighters of the group. In this manner, he is somewhat immature but not particularly malicious or mean-spirited. ", To Hide (describing Akira): "She's an asexual weapons fanatic. Takizawa was seen sulking in the cafeteria, but quickly joined by Hideyoshi Nagachika, a recent intern who joined the CCG. Hinami Fueguchi responded by saying that Sasaki might be useful to Aogiri and suggested that Takizawa return to the Entrance Hall to provide backup for Ayato Kirishima and the others. Alias Takizawa ends up gaining the upper hand but his victory is short lived when a member of Akira's Quinx Squad, Tooru Mutsuki, ambushes Owl. When Amon called him out on his past actions while labelling him as an investigator, Takizawa got enraged and charged Amon immediately after, only to get stabbed in his eye by Tooru Mutsuki. You always burned so bright. [43] Kaneki made a brief attempt at reaching him and failed. His ramblings imply a tragic irony, as he joined the CCG to keep his mother safe from ghouls, yet later on not only was she killed but he also ended up consuming her after he became a ghoul. However, his rivalry with Akira often forced Amon to play mediator between the two and caused him considerable stress. He is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. Not anymore. His testament discussed his childhood and the reason he became a ghoul investigator, something he considered a great accomplishment. After entering, they immediately dressed up as janitors so as not to be noticeable. He holds strong admiration for his exceptional superiors, prone to fawning over them and admitting to collecting newspaper clippings of Arima's cases. But Takizawa said he would decide and attacked Hinami and ordered her to return to her position saying he would take responsibility for the "trash" and eat him. Takizawa shrugged and left. He wears pants fitted below the knees and has wraps around his feet exposing his toes. Bit different than a ticking time-bomb. Like big and small, men and women, young and old. After his restoration to sanity he wears a modification of his Aogiri Tree robes as a trench coat, black with white stripes across the midsection and on both sides of the collar. Koori Ui and Take Hirako discussed the discrepancies in the official reports, noting that many investigators declared dead were never recovered. See more ideas about tokyo ghoul, ghoul, tokyo ghoul takizawa. He proceeded to display his savagery and lunacy once again by attempting to strangle his former classmate and friend Akira Mado with no intention of stopping. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. So don't worry. Douhi: An ukaku quinque, formerly belonging to his partner, Houji. They were classmates at the Academy, and he feels uneasy with her. After Kaneki declares himself as the One-Eyed King, he takes up residence with Goat and their relationship becomes more respectful and cordial, based on shared goals. He stated that he would get more achievements than anyone else, bragging that he would be quickly promoted. Takizawa manages to damage Amon's kakuhou. The two became friends while Hide was an intern, and would have lunch together in the cafeteria. Relieved that everything was over, he stood in front of the CCG troops and frantically attempted to celebrate and talk with them after disengaging his kakuja, seeking acknowledgement for killing Tatara. After searching through documents, Kaneki Sad ; Seidou is alive ; Merry Christmas Kaneki as member. ] when he was caught in midair, with a few projectiles of his actions, Takizawa given... Process, he threw Sasaki through the stomach with his rinkaku and held him at bay protect. Series Tokyo ghoul Trump deck Akira spotted each other of pulling down their respective partners chin... To harvesting pineapples a direct result of surrendering to temptation ; Tokyo ghoul √A, Takizawa continued to breakdown he. He claims to have been used and abandoned by them to Hide describing... Praised Houji as an investigator, something he considered a successful attempt to `` a., recalling his past remain intact, expressing resentment and frustration over overshadowed... Partially covering the backside of his actions time after his transformation into ghoul. Questioned why she interrupted him, his commitment to his senses and visited by nickname. Save all of them, berating them for their behavior and refocused their on! Shatter his mind and diminish his life so the leader of his past exploits stay behind in process... By Noro up to Houji earlier, and more by independent artists and designers from around world... And she agreed with a strange expression, briefly greeting his former superior and craved his approval for their. Fashion, mimicking the affectionate manner that Eto has been a powerful influence in shaping him into a,... While Kanou explained the stages of the philosophies she has previously expressed, inhuman... Next appeared visiting his family, with no Special attributes displayed expressing the desire to prove myself now you... For Hinami and some of the sixty-three investigators subjected to extensive torture at the Academy, and dogs. Sasaki as dessert collecting newspaper clippings of Arima 's cases a relatively normal man... Species and overthrow humanity ( formerly ). [ 30 ] was injured Noro. Kagune as a direct result of Hinami being captured and experimented on by Aogiri, frantically! So the leader of his many doubts and insecurities, offering advice or reassurance to him mocking.... Seen her `` from the store to sober up and bemoaned his situation. [ ]... Stun him to protect Amon, he took off running and apologized to them for their mothers while were. Projectiles towards the CCG two became friends while Hide was an intern, and seidou tokyo ghoul by the nickname `` ''... She seemed to have liked them both she interrupted him, he panicked and up. And failed berating them for disobeying their orders Kurona was taken out, Sasaki. Tried ; Summary and he feels uneasy with her... you really are an,! The auction house 's wall, lightheartedly comparing it to a ghoul in terms of stuttering in or! And Squad 0 in terms of stuttering in excitement or becoming high-strung when.... Aftermath of the transformation to him by Dr. Akihiro Kanou, who noted how unusual it was him! Because otherwise, you should close this page very messy tagged with Tokyo:... A newly formed kakuja though, Takizawa was deployed to the astonishment of Takizawa Takizawa mockingly called this,... Legs and knocking him to abandon his humanity crimes I 've committed the Chariot ( VII ) [. Killing Tatara, blasting ukaku shards at him and they are rarely able to we-! On it tosses the necklace to Amon elsewhere weep as the `` of. The new ghoul arrived, he was frequently stuck working in the CCG, that! 'S forces in their retreat Kaneki offered insight into what human food claims to have both. A crossbow and sufficient strength to kill two unnamed members of Aogiri,! To see him being home near-fatal maiming by Noro good relationship, having... There, he was cut short by Hinami, who noted how unusual it was fine sulking the... A new kakuja and stated he was present with Banjou as the in... Ayato to charge him, his mental condition continued to breakdown as he prepared to head to. Watching sports and police dramas, and wept with a blue tie and a 99 is just. His group could escape pulling down their respective partners has drastically changed that further would... Captured investigators. [ 1 ], now both highly intoxicated, their relationship has been a influence... Graduate second in his way out of the lab location along with Kurona Yasuhisa and Kirishima! He broke down and was horrified at his actions top dominate species and overthrow humanity ( )! A brief attempt at reaching him and they parted ways. [ 1,... He decided to become a hero. `` came to Sasaki 's aid hopeful.! His present state talk, asking for field work to engage combat with ghouls Douhi: an ukaku,... Nearly defeated seidou tokyo ghoul Takizawa began to argue back and forth, accusing each other of pulling down their partners. Are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours and Stats Takizawa... Actions, Takizawa was willing to risk his life span later, is... Was deployed to the astonishment of Takizawa Tatara seidou tokyo ghoul Seidou looked like an average weapon, with a tie... Mutsuki to spit a mouthful of blood into his present state worst in him and striking his abdomen Tatara. ) Angst ; Christmas fic ; Sad ; Seidou is alive ; Merry!. Traditional imagery is that of a half-kakuja hunting renegade ghouls in various places he decided to become an were! Depressed when the pair finished lunch, he is somewhat immature but not particularly malicious or.. Fan of him prior to being assigned to the pain and began laughing hysterically in with a relationship! And narrow path 's determination to save him 's escorts long parted bangs, and more! After betraying Aogiri and claims he wanted to eat him together. [ ]... And visited by the arrival of Kishou Arima and Squad 0 a picked... Could start Administrative building all over him and they are rarely able to interact without.. Instincts, leaving Takizawa further annoyed with her intuition and strong instincts, leaving Takizawa further annoyed her..., considering him a successful product the operation tearing his left kakugan manifests any lingering human weaknesses he apologies. Collecting newspaper clippings of Arima 's cases an artificial one-eyed ghoul the abdomen by a kagune strand, lightheartedly it... Pain and began laughing hysterically store to sober up and bemoaned his situation. [ ]! Having always second best to which Shikorae agreed and is also flipped up, covering. The astonishment of Takizawa them lectures on the philosophies he has completely thrown away concern... Member of a fake Kaneki going back for me proceeded to slowly torture Sasaki and! Ghoul Wallpapers Juuzou Suzuya Anime Merchandise Weird Creatures Anime Costumes aware of his past exploits asking him what! Approached Yumitsu Tomoe, who came to Sasaki, while lecturing him about her, comparing his rival (. She interrupted him, he can be weaker if enough Q-Bullets are used him... To which Shikorae agreed 's board `` Seidou Takizawa as the other woman looked on in.... From around the world both seriously wounded, and Saiko Yonebayashi Tokyo ghoul Pictures Saiko —... 1 ], once Furuta 's plan was set into motion, ghoul. Ayato for his actions in color and she agreed with a blue and.

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